The XK Project
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XK Questions Everything

A extremely elegant method of quickly indentifying what The Innate wants is taught with XK, but any muscle testing system can be used once the entry has been done, as long as everything is questioned at every step in the process. The answer is already on display. In XK, we only use kinesiology to determine what the body's answer already is.

The XK practitioner tailors every aspect of treatment to the exact specifications supplied by the body. Even when an extremely familiar technique comes up, the XK practitioner asks, "Is there anything else I need to know?" The Innate supplies any missing details and can modify any known therapy to better meet the body's own needs in the moment.

The XK entry insures that therapies come up in the order in which they are to be done, and that the entire situation is re-evaluated after each part of a treatment is completed and before the next portion can be requested.

XK treatment continues until the Innate ceases to request further therapy. The patient is encouraged to walk around or stress any areas of complaint to make certain that changes made during treatment have stabilized and that nothing else is required before the patient is released. Practitioners even ask the Innate to estimate when the body will be ready for further treatment.

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