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The Kinesiology Clinic
The Kinesiology Clinic
What to Expect

Healing: How Long Will it Take?
It really depends on what you consider health to be. Our definition of health is this: the ability to do whatever it is physically, your mind can conceive of mentally. We each have a choice of how healthy we want to be. As far as we know, there is no end point. People do amazing new things each day. As your treatment progresses, you will probably notice that your definition of health changes to something greater—something that you currently can’t even conceive of. Ultimately, your only limitations are those you choose to accept.

The Journey
The healing journey may include a release of all kinds of toxins, including chemicals, structural problems, pesticides, old infections and out-of-balance emotions. The gradual release of these toxins will allow your body to become stronger and not need its symptoms anymore.

Be assured that even if you don’t consciously experience wellness overnight, healing is occurring on many levels. You may notice slight changes in your health after just one visit, or you may begin to notice subtle improvements in your symptoms and energy as time goes by. Remember, you didn’t get this way overnight. Your body has been storing toxins for many years and is finally getting the opportunity to rid itself of them.

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