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The Kinesiology Clinic
The Kinesiology Clinic

Foundation of Treatment
Treatment revolves around the ability to access the inner mind through the nervous system. This is achieved by using manual muscle testing (kinesiology) in a revolutionary way called XK. For simplicity, we refer to this as “asking your body what it wants”.

Ask Your Body What it Wants
The basic idea is that the brain, by way of the nerves, controls the muscles of the body. Because of this, a kinesiologist is able to obtain information about the body by measuring how the muscles are working from moment to moment. Anything that has an immediate effect on the body can produce a change in the state of the muscles, through the nervous system.

This method of testing allows the brain a chance to communicate by changing muscle responses, and opens up tremendous possibilities for personal transformation.

Goal of Treatment
The goal of treatment is to honor the wisdom within each person. By doing this, you enable your life to change and your body to heal itself. The doctors in this office are trained to treat each patient as a whole, removing the obstacles to wellness, so that your body can utilize the powerful, self-healing mechanisms present within.

By using kinesiology, the inner wisdom of the body can ask for changes to its environment, or the body itself. This way, obstacles to radiant health and a fulfilling life can be found and changed. Common requests by the body, include:

* Chiropractic adjustments
* Foods to be temporarily eliminated from the diet
* Cranial (head) adjustments
* Meridian therapy (acupuncture)
* Soft tissue release (scar tissue)
* Herbs, vitamins, enzymes or other supplements
* Release of emotional blocks
* Homeopathic remedies

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