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The Holodynamic Entry

The idea of a systemic entry (one which takes the whole system into account) made the development of XK possible. Such an entry actually allows the Innate to create its own protocol that specifies exactly how it wishes to be treated in the moment. This makes it possible to study the body in much the same way as chaos theorists study other complex systems.

A most ingenious thing about the holodynamic entry is that it asks the Innate its question before any kinesiology is ever done. This enables practitioners to ask open-ended questions that don't have "yes"/"no" answers. It frees them from having to start with problems or reflex points or points of reference. By the time any kinesiology is done, the answer is already there, on display in the electromagnetic field of the patient. Any form of kinesiology can then be used to determine exactly what the answer already is.

The holodynamic entry used in XK essentially asks the Innate Intelligence of the patient, "How would you like to be treated in this moment?"

This "X Entry" allows practitioners at all levels of training to be able to use these powerful tools with their patients.

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