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1 In Search Of The Perfect Healing Modality: one woman's journey to kinesiology
by Ms. Marie Fitzgerald Kinergetics Who submitted this?
2 The Major Cause of Pain: Dehydration is the major cause of chronic pain
by Mr. Philip James Rafferty Kinergetics Who submitted this?
3 Easing Stress: Emotions are held in the muscles, bones, organs, and the energy fields.
by Mr. Philip James Rafferty Kinergetics Who submitted this?
4 The TMJ: Why the TMJ is so important.
by Mr. Philip James Rafferty Kinergetics Who submitted this?
5 Recovery from MMR: Children are bombarded with so many vaccines that their immune systems suffer if they were not strong initially. My son James was 13 months old when he had the MMR vaccine, a child who previously had allergies and eczemia. He developed autistic tendencies, lost his newly acquired speech and language and bowel control. He cried constantly and was obviously unwell. Kinesiology really helped. The immune system was strengthened so the allergies disappeared. The sugar levels were normalised so the speech slowly returned. The bowels took a while but I think we are there now. His weakest link is his fascia lata, affected by his self-esteem. I am glad to say he is now well thanks to Kinesiology.
by Ms. Sally M Pain Classical Kinesiology Who submitted this?
6 Could It Be My Silver Fillings cCaused All This?: History and symptomology of chronic mercury poisoning to regaining health and life.
by Ms. Natalie Gail Nehman Kinergetics, TFH, Balancing Basics Kinesiology Who submitted this?
7 Healing Sugars: New Discovery: health benefits of glycoproteins
by Dr. David K. Enders Applied Kinesiology Who submitted this?
8 Connection of Emotions and Stresses with Chemical Elements and their Correction by Kinesiology Methods:
by Ms. Larissa Kirillova Educational Kinesiology Who submitted this?
9 BTEC Advanced Kinesiology Diploma: Course Content
by Ms. Louise Ann Woodcock BTEC Advanced Kinesiology Who submitted this?
10 An Introduction to Kinesiology: An Introduction to Kinesiology
by Ms. Viviane H Fingerhut Educational Kinesiology Who submitted this?

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