XK is simply a way of communicating directly with the Innate Intelligence that runs the body, asking it what it wants, and doing what it says...

The XK Project

Harnessing the Full Power of Kinesiology
to Honor the Wisdom Within

The XK Project was developed for Kinesiologists United by
Dr. William C. Gustafson. The original purpose of The XK Project was to provide advanced training for the members of Kinesiologists United who were already skilled in one or more systems of kinesiology. The curriculum has now evolved to the point that anyone can learn it in a very short time. People with no muscle-testing experience can now learn XK without having to learn a system of kinesiology first.

"X" does not stand for any one thing. X is a variable. An unknown.
The Unknown.

"K" stands for kinesiology, the use of manual muscle testing to obtain information directly from the body.

It is not a diagnostic system, although it contains one.
XK is kinesiology turned back on itself. It is a way of using kinesiology to find out how to do kinesiology in any given situation.

Instead of using a predefined protocol, XK practitioners "log on" to the body's "biocomputer" and ask it to create its own protocol. By connecting directly with the Innate Intelligence that runs, maintains, and heals the body, XK gives the final authority on all aspects of treatment back to the patient.

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