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The World of Kinesiology
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The Journey Continues: Where To Now?

We have given you as much general information as we can without knowing exactly what your interests are. The following resources will help you learn the specifics from the kinesiologists themselves. Please use these links to continue your study.

Kinesiologists United is a worldwide community of kinesiologists of all styles and opinions.

The Database Of Kinesiology (TheDOK) is a searchable interactive database of all styles of kinesiology. It is growing daily as kinesiologists all over the world add articles, web links, and information about themselves and their practices.

The XK Project trains practitioners who want to go beyond treating conditions and symptoms.

The Kinesiology Clinic of Kinesiologists United offers advanced kinesiological diagnostics to patients, and training to doctors and kinesiologists.

Thanks for your interest in Kinesiology!

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