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The World of Kinesiology
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Types of Kinesiology: Why So Many Systems?
AK attracted a lot of attention from the very beginning. Doctors of all types came to learn from Dr. Goodheart and to help contribute to the work he was doing. They formed the first kinesiology organization, the "International College of Applied Kinesiology", or "ICAK".

With the new doctors came new ideas. More uses for muscle testing were discovered. The ICAK could not be all things to all people. Some people stayed, but some left, forming their own organizations and adding their own discoveries. Some of these new organizations began teaching muscle testing to lay people, people who were not doctors. Some began teaching the "hand modes" and "bio-computer" concepts that were not approved by the ICAK.

Many of these new organizations also began to fragment as the field continued to grow, each organization giving rise to new organizations with new or recycled ideas. Some began to limit their use of muscle testing to a particular area of interest.

There are now so many isolated organizations using similar terms to describe different techniques or different terms to describe the same technique that it is difficult to keep them all straight.

Some people still use the term, "AK" to describe all kinds of muscle testing. "Specialized Kinesiology" once meant any type of kinesiology that was taught to lay people, but now it's often used to mean any kinesiology that is not AK proper. "Clinical Kinesiology", or "CK" once meant a very specific system, but today is sometimes used to describe any use of hand modes.
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