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The World of Kinesiology
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The Discovery of Kinesiology: Where It Came From
Muscle testing has long been used to check for problems in the muscles or nerves, along with other orthopedic and neurological tests in regular physical examinations.
George Goodheart, a Michigan Chiropractor, found another reason to do muscle testing.

Dr. Goodheart discovered that muscle testing could be used to find out what the nervous system knows, because the results of a muscle test can change with the state of the nervous system, and the nervous system is the communication network for the entire body.

Using this initial discovery, Dr. Goodheart, and the doctors that came to study with him, went on to discover many more things about the body that had not been known before.
They found, for instance, that each specific muscle they could test was related to a specific organ, a specific nutrient, a specific level of the spine, and specific reflex points. Even more remarkably, they found that if they could change the strength of the muscle using this information, they could change the function of the corresponding organ.
Dr. Goodheart called his new field of study, "Applied Kinesiology", or "AK" for short.

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