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Diagnostic Systems of Kinesiology

Many specific protocols (or "systems") have been devised by health practitioners to make effective use of kinesiology. These systems vary widely in terms of scope and complexity. A current directory of the known "kinesiologies" is maintained by Kinesiologists United.

Kinesiological systems are basically algorithms that help practitioners decide what to ask the body at every step in a treatment. The actual muscle testing procedure varies little between these different systems. The big difference between these systems is in the thought processes represented by each algorithm. Each system represents a unique set of assumptions which, more or less, "maps" the way the Innate Intelligence supposedly organizes information.

These systems are necessary because we are not as smart as the Innate. We cannot understand every aspect of what is going on in the body in each moment. Only the Innate can do that. There is too much information for the conscious mind of the practitioner to process. Choices have to be made. Everyone is different. Different practitioners have their own unique styles that include the kinds of therapies they test, what they consider to be important, and where they stop "asking the body" and start making assumptions. The more a given system happens to reflect the actual way a particular patient is "organized", the better the system works for that patient. Some kinesiologists master many different systems in order to be more successful with a wide variety of patients. Whenever practitioners learn a new system of kinesiology, they are able to help more of their patients than they were before, often because the new "system" is organized more like these patients are than the old one was. This is particularly obvious in the case of "difficult" patients, and results in flowery, almost miraculous testimonials for the superiority of any given system of kinesiology.

XK enables the Innate Intelligence of the patient to create it's own unique protocol on the spot.

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