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The work of Alan G. Beardall, D.C.
According to Human Bio-Dynamics:

CK is a dynamic, logical approach to structural and soft tissue therapeutics and nutritional counseling. It flows naturally to acupuncture, homeopathy, and subtle body energetics. Standard Protocol. Solid Neurological basis. Ten years of development and research; three years of verification and research by followers. CK is the origin of all kinesiology based on bio-computer concepts and utilizing hand modes.

CK Training Manuals are no longer available through Kinesiologists United. They can be obtained directly from HBD at the address below:

Human Bio-Dynamics, Inc.
10430 S.W. Century Oak Drive
Tigard, OR 97224-4647

503-968-0765 voice
503-246-5872 cell
503-293-1024 FAX

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