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XK is simply a way of communicating directly with the Innate Intelligence that runs the body, asking it what it wants, and doing what it says...

XK is a way of using kinesiology (manual muscle testing) that makes truly holistic treatment a real possibility. To be able to treat a person as a whole system, one must first be able to talk to a person as a whole system. XK is a fundamental understanding that enables a practitioner to communicate with the Innate Intelligence that maintains and heals the body, on its own terms. We do not see people as “broken”, and we do not try to “fix” them. Instead, we take the radical view that the Innate Intelligence actually knows what it's doing, and we simply ask it how we can help.

Human beings are mind-bogglingly complex systems, and the brilliance of their Innate Intelligence is beyond our conscious comprehension. In any given person, we never really know what their Innate is trying to do, much less how we can help. Fortunately, we don’t have to. We only have to know how to ask. This we do with XK.

The XK Project
Harnessing the Full Power of Kinesiology

The XK Project is the educational division of Kinesiologists United, the most inclusive network of kinesiologists on the planet. Its mission is to empower ALL kinesiologists to access and honor the wisdom within, by going beyond any limitations that they have accepted in the past.

The XK Project produces courses and materials which raise awareness of the principles that underlie all forms of kinesiology. The "X" can stand for any type or system of kinesiology. Kinesiologists United is open to everyone. There is much we can learn from one another.

Beneath all the reflex points, protocols, and flow-charts of the various "systems" of kinesiology, is a living intelligence that knows more than any of us do consciously. On our own, we don't even know what questions to ask. That's why there is so much disagreement about how to do kinesiology. The XK Project seeks to help all people move beyond the "neurological test" model of kinesiology, and into a direct experience of communication with the divine intelligence within each of us.

We CAN remain open to the adventure of discovery if we refuse to settle for the comfort of dogma. Our work is an invitation to explore what is possible when we finally let go of our own agendas and simply ask people what we can do for them.

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