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The World of Kinesiology
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A very general
Introduction to the World of Kinesiology

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Why so general?
Because the field of kinesiology is so diverse, the more specific we get, the less accurate we can be about the profession as a whole.

Here's why:

As of today ( Sunday, 1/20/19), The Database Of Kinesiology contains information on:
150 different kinesiologies (systems of kinesiology) ,
112 different kinesiology organizations ,
all of whom represent (at least slightly) different ideas about what the word "kinesiology" should actually mean.
So, we will keep this introduction as general as possible, and then introduce you to the resources that will help you learn as much specific information about kinesiology as you like, from the people who actually do it.
We will start with this rather inadequate definition:
Kinesiology is the practice of using manual muscle testing to communicate directly with the body.
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